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We offer simplified technical solutions to complex business problems.  Our clients include professional service providers, government contractors, and fortune 1000 companies.

Data Collection and Information Extraction 


Today, more than ever, businesses are relying on data to drive business decisions and strategy.  We match your business needs by creating customized data collection and information extraction solutions. We don’t just collect and deliver data. We work with you through every step of the collection and delivery process, from creating custom extraction tools for all identifiable sources, to delivering the data rapidly and seamlessly into your business's systems.

Native and Web Based Application Development


Our best-in-class developers use the latest technologies to build cutting edge native and web based applications.  We utilize agile development techniques to eliminate waste and shorten project timelines, while simultaneously improving quality. Throughout the development process we work closely with you and your customers to obtain real-time feedback. This collaborative approach enables us to produce project outcomes that more accurately reflect your expectations.

Data Analysis and Modeling


In the “big data” world, successful companies will need sophisticated tools that enable them to gather and analyze large data sets and disparate forms of unstructured content to obtain actionable information.  And, with decreasing storage costs and the increasing sources of relevant data, more and more companies are leveraging advanced data analytics technologies to gain better insight into the available opportunities and risks facing their businesses.  Our data analytics solutions will enable your company to  "get more" from its data through dynamic analysis of large data sets in real time to inform better, faster decisions.

Data Warehousing


Today’s leading companies are using centralized data warehouses where data is captured, aggregated, analyzed, and leveraged to improve decision making.   We build  integrated data warehousing solutions that provide accurate real time information to critical personnel across your organization.

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